Winter Challenge

Programme outline

The event has been organized in February and March every year since 1994 in Sofia. Over the last few years it has been hosted by a growing number of towns across Bulgaria and its winter resorts.

First proposal (in the mountain)

The winter challenge features numerous and diverse winter contests, which include attractive and interesting competitive elements. It embraces numerous winter sports events, which are organized with regard to the different ages and skills of the participants – a long-distance race, two different types of slalom targeting participants with different levels of preparedness, snowboarding – slalom and halfpipe, a snow sculptures competition, a quiz. Everyone can participate in the event, but its primarily children, pupils, students and working people who take part in it.

Second proposal (open skating rinks)

Sports competitions are held on the skating rinks throughout the country. The programme includes various competitions, show programmes and winter sports demonstrations, etc. There are no winners in these competitions and the prize fund is awarded after a lottery, organized at the end of the event.

Programme objective

  • To promote a healthy lifestyle by practicing winter sports and doing regular outings in the mountains.
  • To attract as many people of different ages and social status as possible and engage them in regular winter sports events.


  • Ministry of Physical Education and Sports
  • Bulgarian Sport for All Association
  • Sofia municipality
  • The municipality of the town, where the event takes place


The event is financed by the Ministry of Physical Education and Sports. The marketing activities of the Bulgarian Sport for All Association and the opportunities for sponsorship provide revenues that cover part of the prize fund, which is distributed after a lottery.