World Walking Day

Event outline

World Walking Day

This is the world’s biggest walking event held annually worldwide since 1992, when on July 7, 250 000 residents of Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro went out in the streets led by world famous football player Pele. Then US vice-president Al Gore, great American actress Shirley Macleine, TAFISA president prof. Dr. Jurgen Palm and other celebrities were there for the event.

In Bulgaria it has been organized each year since 1993 all over the country. On an international scale the programme is supported by the International Olympic Committee, which every year funds the event in various countries. The 1993 and 2000 Walking Days in Bulgaria were held under the auspices and with the financial support of the International Olympic Committee.

The purpose of the event is to promote walking as an efficient and easy to practise mobile activity for all and as an excellent opportunity for people from every age and social group to take part. It attracts many people for the purposeful use of walking as one of the most accessible universal natural movements of man for maintaining health and improving the overall physical capacity of the body.

Programme objective

Widespread promotion of walking as an excellent means to keep healthy and fit, because:

  • Walking is the most natural form of movement.
  • Everyone can practise it freely.
  • It can be practiced anytime anywhere.
  • It does not require financing.


  • Ministry of Physical Education and Sports
  • Bulgarian Sport for All Association


The month of October